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Yes I have had 40 years’ experience as a goldsmith. I can design and make jewellery, by hand. You can discuss all aspects of the design with me. Once happy, a deposit will be taken and the job processed. In most cases, the jewellery item will be ready within 4 to 6 weeks.

Yes we sell loose diamonds with GIA or IGI certifications (or similar) as requested. We are also happy to provide uncertified diamonds, these can often work out less expensive but we will guarantee they are of the utmost quality.

Diamonds are supplied on request to new. We offer a ten day approbation service we will find the closest diamond to your budget and or specification. We guarantee that we will endeavour to ensure the price we given is equal to the current market value.

Yes we can obtain a vast selection of gemstones to suit your needs. These can be ordered on request to view bases and there is no obligation to purchase.

We have a complete stone replacement service which includes all diamonds and coloured stones. We can obtain stones for you to view before any work is undertaken to ensure you are happy with the stones provided.

Yes yellow gold can be used, if suitable, for restoration work or a new ring, provided it is hallmarked. White gold can be problematic as it does not rework well when melted down, so we prefer not to use it.

Yes provided it is yellow gold and hallmarked. This costs approximately £150.00 for a plain band. We will use your gold and not provide you with an equivalent like some do. We are aware of the sentimental value of your gold.

We have a large selection of ready-made mounts in ring, pendant and earing designs that can be used to re-set your diamonds.

We repair all types of gold and silver jewellery from antique to modern contemporary pieces. We have been repairing jewellery since 1974 and have vast experience of all types of repairs. Most of our repairs are undertaken on the premises. Occasionally we may have to sand a piece of jewellery for a laser repair, this can be due to the stones that may be damaged by any other method. This is undertaken by our associate workshop in the Birmingham Jewellery quarter.

We endeavour to repair your jewellery within 2 weeks of receipt. Stone replacements may take longer as matching stones have to be obtained.

We have a standard price for most repairs, this will be given to you when you visit the shop. For example a ring sizing down will be in the region of £30.00. If gold is added to make it bigger, obviously this would be more expensive. Although we have a something price for most repairs, all jobs very so it isn’t possible to offer prices here.

Yes we can either supply an on the spot estimate that we will do our best to adhere to. The item can also be left for a full examination by us and a fixed quotation can be given.

Yes we will re-polish and re-rhodium plate your jewellery for you. The cost of this procedure is £30.00 but we will re-rhodium the same piece up to one year from the initial re-rhodium at no extra charge, if required.

Yes, we replace batteries in all makes of watches while you wait. Our price is £5.50 (October 2016), Lithium batteries are a little more expensive.

We do not differentiate between different makes of watches. After all, the battery is the same price if it is fitted to a Seiko or a Sekonda, We fit the best batteries available, not the pound shop equivalent!

If your watch is waterproof, we will ask if you need it to remain so. If now, we will replace the battery as it is, but it will not guarantee water resistance.

If you wish it to remain waterproof, you can leave it with us and we will replace the battery under pressure test conditions to ensure its water resistance. This is done at an extra cost, we can give you a quotation for this work.

We repair most makes of watches including Rolex, Omega, Gucci, Seiko etc. All our repairs are undertaken by our skilled horologist of many years’ experience.

Our prices are competitive and in most cases below high street repair prices.

All repairs will take in the region of 4-6 weeks, this is to locate any parts that may be needed and to ensure that the watch is working correctly before it’s returned to you.

All work carries a 6 month guarantee.

Yes, your jewellery is fully insured whilst it is with us. You are insured with TH March Ltd who specialise in insuring the jewellery trade and have been doing so for many years.

So if the worst should happen you can be safe in the knowledge that a full replacement will be given even if you do not have your own insurance.

Any complaints will be dealt with sympathetically and all efforts will be made to rectify any concerns you may have. We are an independent Jeweller and we are here to help you.

This is a difficult one. In the past insurance replacement a large part of our business. But unfortunately the insurers and multiple jewellers seem to work together to the detriment on their customers nowadays.

You will probably be sent a voucher you can only use at a listed multiple jeweller who unfortunately cannot always offer you the item you require.

But there is a way to beat this!

You can inform your insurer that you would like us to replace your jewellery and we can then deal directly with your insurer to find you a suitable replacement. This is something that insurers are obliged to do unless otherwise stated in your insurance policy.

The second option is to take a cash settlement which will be below the stated replacement value, but gives you the ability to spend the money as you wish and obtain the item you require.

On many occasion we have supplied the same item for the price of the cash settlement.


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