Gold Buying in Bristol

We understand that your gold may hold sentimental value. Sometimes it becomes broken, worn or just not used any longer.

At Gems Design & Repair Ltd, based on the daily updated gold prices, we can buy your old gold and broken jewellery at a price that reflects the quality and quantity of the gold.

We do offer another service for your gold, if your gold is un-used a lot of the time this is because the owner no longer likes the item or it doesn’t fit.

We love being able to offer an option of melting down scrap or pre-loved gold and to make it into a new unique piece that you can love and use again. We believe that this beautiful material shouldn’t become unused and should be worn and loved.


Jewellery in Thornbury

There is a wide selection of ready-made jewellery products available in store. We also undertake all kinds of repairs on jewellery.

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